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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crochet Owl!

I searched a lot of sites to find a pattern for a Owl and eventually decided to make my own and here it is. May need a little bit of fine tuning but not too bad for a first effort..   Maybe  different colours would make it look better. What does everyone think?? I thought I might make one to fit on the front of my string bag in matching colours.  :)

Hoots Mon!


  1. Awww Tina .. he's so cute. Well done. Are you having fun with your tablet ? I got my iPad for my birthday last July and I love it. Nice to see you blogging again. xoxox

  2. Love it love it love it.. Brought a smile to my face :))
    Yes do put one on your bag , What a HOOT lol...

    1. Thanks for kind words ladies.. Yes Dorothy, enjoying playing with my tablet, saves me getting my laptop out in the evening and I can still keep an eye on what is happening online.. :)
      And Pat, so glad you like my little Hoot Lol.. xxx

  3. LOVE your little Hoot! Thank you for visiting and leaving such a kind comment; I can see that you ARE an owl lover, too! LOL! blessings ~ tanna