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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's a Hoot Hat!

Bought the pattern for this hat a couple of days ago from Carlinda Lewis on Etsy. Had quite a bit of trouble getting my head round the pattern as it is a little confusing in places but I did finally manage it.. Cute!

A close up!
 The pattern can also be found Here..

This is the 6 hour baby quilt that needs edging to finish it off. I used my over locker (serger) to make it. Why is it that I always think I could have done better when it is nearly finished??  On the you tube video it is finished with an over locking stitch but I think it needs something a little bit better than that. Any suggestions??  :) You can also find the video Here!


  1. Your owl is so sweet :)) what did you use Yarn/cotton??
    Baby quilt is lovely Tina, I personally like a finished edge,so a binding would finish it off beautifully..
    I think you are very clever using your overlocker to make the quilt..

    Once again beautiful work :))

    1. Thank you Pat.. I used 8 ply cotton for the hat.. Yes I agree about the binding, it does tend to give them a 'finished' look.. Thank you for your comment.. :)

  2. What a cute hat ... well done !! Owls seem to be the hot item at the moment so whoever receives your little hat will no doubt be thrilled. Lovely quilt too. You're a lady a many talents ! xoxox