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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just a few of my projects from the past!!

 Just a few of my earlier projects. Some of these are on my other blog Crochet & Orchids 
Hard drive cosy

Coasters galore

Bendigo cotton washers

Pretty kitty coin purse

Lace flowers

Crochet headband

Crochet neck warmer

Crochet Zygopetalum orchid

Headband & Mitts

Another headband & more mitts


  1. Gosh you have been busy :)) very pretty colours ..

    1. Thanks Pat.. Well I need to keep these fingers busy Lol..

  2. All lovely stuff Pat. You've reminded me to have a look at the current BWM cotton colours. Your hard drive cosy and dishcloths look nice. Have a good weekend. xoxox