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Friday, January 25, 2013

Owling Mad!!

8 inch owl square
 Well... At least it seems some of us are Lol..
Another owl, this time in a square. 

This owl I thought should have some wings just in case he wants to fly away :) It is an 8 inch square so could be used in a lap ghan or whatever.. I have also made a washer/dishcloth  but it doesn't have wings and I crocheted eyes instead of using buttons so it wouldn't scratch anything. 

The pattern for the square is on my Free Patterns Page so please feel free to make use of it if you would like to..  Hope you enjoy making it!  Blessings!

Washer or dishcloth

They look cute together


  1. Clever girl :)) I like the blue/grey , will give it a try soon.. Thanks for writing the pattern and making it free to all :)
    Happy Aussie Day Tina and John..

    1. Thanks Pat.. Wishing a happy Aussie day to you and Bill also.. :)