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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Recycled Pillows!!

Much too hot yesterday so spent most of the day indoors sewing. I bought all new pillows last week , washed the old ones and used them to make outdoor cushions. Came out quite well and have brightened up the swinging seat outside nicely..Aren't they bright? Good bit of recycling.. :)


  1. A wonderful idea.. The colours are bright and happy and the pic of your swing with the ferns behind looks so relaxing and cool :)) Well done I am all for recycling..:))
    Hoping it is a little cooler for you today :))
    hugs pat ..

  2. thanks Pat.. Not an original idea but well worth the effort.. And yes, thank goodness it is a bit cooler, gave me a little more energy.. :))

  3. Hello Tina
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you are staying cool, not so hot today though which was a nice change.Your cushions look great.

    1. hi Leanne, thanks for joining my blog and for your kind words.. Yes good to be a little cooler that's for sure..:)