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Thursday, February 7, 2013

His & Hers Crochet Slippers!

With winter in mind, although I really hope it is a long way off just yet, I crocheted  slippers for John to wear around the house. 

 Really cosy and warm...

They match mine quite nicely  and there won't be any cold toes in our house this year I hope...              

We held a bbq here last Sunday for our local orchid society and on the raffle table was a lovely little wall hanging  which I had no hesitation in taking when my ticket number was called.

I am using it as a table runner simply because it looks so nice and fresh and brightens up the kitchen. I can always hang it on the wall at a later date...  :)

So pretty..


  1. I am still wearing my crochet slippers from last year.. they are brilliant..:)) The table runner is so pretty Tina, it will look lovely in the kitchen :))

    1. Thanks miss P.. I am torn a bit as I want to use it as a table runner and also as a wall hanging.. I guess I could use it turn about I suppose.. :)