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Friday, February 15, 2013

Owl Garland!

I have been very busy the last few days crocheting owls and a couple of Little Star Washcloths. I found the free pattern for the washcloths at Thanks Bella for sharing the pattern..  :) Two of the owls were a request from my friend Pat at Hook & Books. I feel thrilled to think she wants some of my crochet when she is such a great crocheter herself. She has certainly given my poor self esteem a real boost.. thanks Pat..  :)

These are the little star washcloths I have been practicing my crochet on. So cute!

Is a group of owls an owlery??
A pretty pair..
A pair for Pat!

A garland of owls!


  1. Thanks for your lovely comments Tina and Thanks for making the owls...what ever a group of owls are called yours are pretty darn good :))
    What a fab idea you have making them into a bunting .. Well done :)) So now do you think you could make me ..say.. 6 more lol..

  2. have very nice things:):)

    1. Hello Katya.. thank you for visiting my blog and your comments.. Have a great day.. :))

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  4. Cute owls! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!
    Maria x

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment.Your crochet is wonderful...I wish i was half as good as you.
    Bellaboo X

  6. Love those dishcloths and those owls are so cute :-)