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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another On the Way!

One quilt finished, another started.. Couldn't resist having a go at this one.. Love the colours in this jelly roll... Just had to add some nice cream homespun and it made all the difference.. Would surely love to hear some comments on this one. Hope I have the colours right??

Tomorrow I will be for sewing the squares together.

Is it as pretty as I think it is??  Or am I just kidding myself Lol..  :))


  1. The pic doesn't do it justice... It is beautiful Tina , can't wait to see it when it is completed.. Well done:))

  2. Your quilt is looking beautiful and your blog is lovely, glad its all running smoothly again.

    1. thank you Leanne.. came in the shop again today Lol.. needed more fabric... :)

  3. wow just stunning Christina,well done.xx