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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jelly Roll Square!

I have one square stitched and ready for the others when they are done from my jelly roll fabric. I am pleased so far with the way the colours have come together but I am
not sure what to make from them yet. There will be five squares when finished so if anyone has any suggestions as to what form they can take ie: table runner, lap quilt, anything,  please make a comment. I would really appreciate your thoughts..  :)


  1. The colours are so vibrant Tina, I love the squares you are making :)) My thoughts?? How about a wall hanging?? that can be used as a lap quilt... I love changing the quilts as the seasons come and go... :))
    Ltes know what you do :)) As always beautifully made :))

  2. Thank you Pat.. Your comments are always so positive.. :)

  3. love the look of your new blog background. :))It is you to a "T" Thankyou for all your help today. :))

    1. It was my pleasure Pat, and lots of fun too gf.. :)