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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Love This Bag!!

Thought I'd try something a little different.. Well, what I should say is 'I thought I'd give making another bag a go' Lol... I have made a couple in the past and the best one went to my eldest grand daughter when she was attending university  and  because she loved it, I gave it to her.... Anyway, I saw this pattern while shopping, yes, at Esme's, I think it was the only one left and I really liked the look of it, bought it and gave it a go and here is the result.. And surprise, surprise.. I still like it.. Lol...  :)
Pattern, fabric and brass rings ready to go.

Just the straps left to make.

Trying to find the right spot for the flower.

Finished bag.

The front.

The back.
The flower has a pin glued to the back so it can be moved anywhere on the bag. Just the right size to take shopping.. Maybe for some more fabric? Lol..  Have a great day..  :)


  1. Nice pattern for a bag..looks like it went together well..
    hugs pat :))

    1. Yes it did Pat.. You kn ow me Lol.. Needs to be at least a bit easy.. :)

  2. Nice bag Tina ... good size for holding lots of yarn !! :)

    1. How true Dorothy.. Can see it now, overflowing with beautiful yarn.. Lol.. Hugs.. :)

  3. Very nice shoping bag:):) nice model:):)