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Sunday, April 28, 2013

TaDa!! Quilt finished!

This must be the quickest quilt I have ever made. Under two months from start to finish and I didn't try to rush it at all. Such an easy pattern and works up very quickly and I really enjoyed making it. I had it machine quilted by Leanne at Esme's and she did a really beautiful job with it and I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks Leanne!

Finishing the binding and a peak at the reverse fabric.

Very pleased with how it turned out.

Close up of the quilting pattern.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hats for the Homeless!

One of the grandsons (we have 5) visited us the other day and asked; Nanny would you be able to make some beanies for my school to give to the homeless? Well of course, I said yes, I can! So that is what I have been doing the last couple of nights. I have only made two so far and I have already passed on a beanie and some fingerless gloves for a lady, but there is another already on the go. How lovely to be asked to use my craft for something so worthwhile.. I have been considering doing something like this for some time but wasn't sure how to go about it so I was thrilled to be asked, especially by our grandson.

Two down...

Another started..
So... I will be sewing during the day and crocheting at night.. That will keep me busy Lol...  :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

More on the 10 minute blocks!

Stitched the blocks together and now I am thinking of making a quilt using the same method but using the Audra's Iris Garden 5 inch charms. I have two packs of these and they would make a much larger quilt than this piece I have already made as a sample.. It is amazing how when you stitch them together a secondary pattern emerges, like the four center squares which now have rounded edges

The colour in this photo really doesn't do it justice, it is much more vibrant than this..

These are the charm packs I am thinking of using but not sure if I will use white to highlight the cathedral windows or cream...

Couldn't resist these when I saw them.. I wanted plain fabric and they were so pretty I just had to buy some of each.  The little charm squares were in the lovely tin and were a gift from my friend Pat at Hooks & Books.  Blessings...  :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

10 Minute Blocks!

A few 10 minute blocks That I made today.. In actual fact, it was only 8 minutes but they do look good.. At least I think so Lol..

I used 5 inch charm squares and a 5 inch plain white square which I cut from yardage to make the centers. Then I cut a charm square into quarters for the centers.. A very quick and easy way to make cathedral windows..

Half Day Flying Geese Table Topper!

This table topper was made in only half a day. I used the 5 Minute Block tutorial on you tube which can be found HERE. It took me about half an hour to cut out the fabric and sew the initial blocks together as per the tutorial..  I actually did this yesterday but I didn't start putting them together until 1.30 today. I had the table topper finished by 4.30 this afternoon so, half a day all up. Before I stitched them together, I moved them around to see which pattern I liked the best. I finally decided on the flying geese pattern because it was the easiest... Not something I usually do..

 The blocks I made were 10 inches square and this would be really good if you wanted a large quilt. I didn't so I trimmed 2 3/4 inches off the end of the blocks. The full size blocks can be seen in my earlier post..'Been a busy girl'..
 These are the blocks before I trimmed off what I considered to be excess fabric.

Here it is ready for machine quilting. I like to quilt in the ditch on smaller pieces like this.

Quilting in the ditch..

Ready for the binding...

Top stitching the binding..

Here it is finished and on the table...  Looks lovely and fresh...  :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Been a busy girl!!

Although it is still difficult for me to crochet, I did manage to add the finishing touches to my tablet cover early this morning when I couldn't get back to sleep.. So here it is at last...
A few embelishments..

A beautiful rose the same colour...
Add to that, I delivered my quilt to Esme's for machine quilting. I usually do my own quilting, either by hand or sewing machine. This time I wanted something a bit special..

This is the quilt ready for quilting..

I also tried some 5 minute blocks this afternoon. Only two but you can get an idea of different patterns made with this very simple block.

This is the 5 minute block..

It's so easy to switch them around until you get the design you want..

Monday, April 1, 2013

Note of apology!

Just a little note of apology to my visitors and friends who expect to see more crochet than anything else. I have a balance problem at present and although I can sit and sew quite comfortably, I cannot crochet without getting dizzy and nauseous. So please, bear with me until I can get through this inconvenient complaint and get back into my crochet.. Thanks for your patience.. :)