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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

10 Minute Blocks!

A few 10 minute blocks That I made today.. In actual fact, it was only 8 minutes but they do look good.. At least I think so Lol..

I used 5 inch charm squares and a 5 inch plain white square which I cut from yardage to make the centers. Then I cut a charm square into quarters for the centers.. A very quick and easy way to make cathedral windows..


  1. Very pretty Tina.. The C.W. stands out beautifully..:))
    are you making a big quilt with these blocks??
    hugs pat :))

    1. Thank you Pat.. I thought you might like them Lol.. I am thinking of making a large quilt from them. Might have to get busy over the next few days Lol.. :)

  2. What great blocks and I love the colour choice too!
    Thanks for becoming a follower of mine as well! :)

  3. wow Christina these blocks look fantastic,well done.xx