Crochet Bits and Pieces

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Been a busy girl!!

Although it is still difficult for me to crochet, I did manage to add the finishing touches to my tablet cover early this morning when I couldn't get back to sleep.. So here it is at last...
A few embelishments..

A beautiful rose the same colour...
Add to that, I delivered my quilt to Esme's for machine quilting. I usually do my own quilting, either by hand or sewing machine. This time I wanted something a bit special..

This is the quilt ready for quilting..

I also tried some 5 minute blocks this afternoon. Only two but you can get an idea of different patterns made with this very simple block.

This is the 5 minute block..

It's so easy to switch them around until you get the design you want..


  1. Such a pretty ├┐ellow".. That rose is stunning, does it have fragrance ??
    Your new quilt is going to look wonderful I just love the arrangement of the squares and the border sets it off.
    Now these 5 minute squares are brilliant.. I also have made them in 4 patch...very pleased them.. Now ... What are you thinking of making :))
    hugs pat..

    1. Hi Pat.. Thanks for your comment. Yes, the rose does have a fragrance, it is called 'Freesia' and it lives up to it's name..

  2. Love your tablet cover Tina - very pretty

    1. thank you Dorothy.. So pleased to have been able to get some crochet done.. xoxo