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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Half Day Flying Geese Table Topper!

This table topper was made in only half a day. I used the 5 Minute Block tutorial on you tube which can be found HERE. It took me about half an hour to cut out the fabric and sew the initial blocks together as per the tutorial..  I actually did this yesterday but I didn't start putting them together until 1.30 today. I had the table topper finished by 4.30 this afternoon so, half a day all up. Before I stitched them together, I moved them around to see which pattern I liked the best. I finally decided on the flying geese pattern because it was the easiest... Not something I usually do..

 The blocks I made were 10 inches square and this would be really good if you wanted a large quilt. I didn't so I trimmed 2 3/4 inches off the end of the blocks. The full size blocks can be seen in my earlier post..'Been a busy girl'..
 These are the blocks before I trimmed off what I considered to be excess fabric.

Here it is ready for machine quilting. I like to quilt in the ditch on smaller pieces like this.

Quilting in the ditch..

Ready for the binding...

Top stitching the binding..

Here it is finished and on the table...  Looks lovely and fresh...  :)


  1. Gosh you never stop, lol....... Love the pattern you have made.. looks lovely with the props.. One could say you are really "Flying"..( Couldn't help myself...)

    You really are having a wonderful time quilting and turning out some stunning quilts... Well done gf..:))
    Hugs pat :))

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment Pat.. Always look forward to reading them.. :)

  2. so pretty Christina,can i give you a tip ,you are best replying to the email that you get from a person commenting as then they will see your reply , otherwise they dont see your reply unless they go back into the comments on that post,gee i hope that makes sense to you,lol.xx