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Sunday, April 28, 2013

TaDa!! Quilt finished!

This must be the quickest quilt I have ever made. Under two months from start to finish and I didn't try to rush it at all. Such an easy pattern and works up very quickly and I really enjoyed making it. I had it machine quilted by Leanne at Esme's and she did a really beautiful job with it and I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks Leanne!

Finishing the binding and a peak at the reverse fabric.

Very pleased with how it turned out.

Close up of the quilting pattern.


  1. Amazing ... Love the pattern and the material on the back.. It looks like it fits a double bed??
    Ok so whats next on your quilting calender ??
    hugs pat :))

    1. Thank you Ladies for your kind comments.. What's next did you say Pat? Not sure at present but I do have some smaller projects to finish off. I have to think about it.. Any suggestions Lol.. :)

  2. Your quilt looks beautiful Christine, you did a great job.

    1. Thanks Leanne.. You did a great job on the quilting.. Really love it.. :)