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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Unexpected Storm!!

What a shock!! Beautiful weather this morning while we were in town shopping. It was so warm we had the windows rolled down in the car. Boy am I glad we had returned  home when the storm front went through. I was checking my emails when I heard the sound of quite large rain drops on the roof and I walked to the window in time to see the hail start. The temperature dropped by 7 degrees and down it came. Amazing, I have never seen it like that here before, and especially at this time of year. Grabbed my camera and raced outside and here are some of the photo's I took..

This is our front garden.

The front path.

The rainbows after the storm.

The sky looks blue but in reality it nearly black.  


  1. wow great pics Christina,so glad you were home not a nice thing to get caught in.xx

  2. So pleased it missed us.. But.. very pleased you are safe :)) snow on the Midlands road this morning.. brr... I miss summer already ..
    Great pics Tina :))
    hugs pat ..

    1. Thanks for thinking of us Pat..I thought it was great.. I have always loved a storm as long as it isn't destructive and the hail stones aren't too big.. :)