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Monday, August 25, 2014

Picnic at The Beach!!

Such a lovely day last Wednesday.. Just right for a picnic at the beach.. It has been a few years since we last visited our favorite camping spot so we took the day off and went for a drive.
We spent many happy times here.. So quiet and not many people around the area. There were times we wouldn't see anyone for days at a time.. So relaxing.. Sometimes wish we still had our caravan.. 
I did jokingly suggest we spend the night in the car but John told me we didn't bring enough teabags lol.. Good to see he has is priorities right..  :)

The view along the beach

A lovely big curving beach

Some attempt at regeneration here.

John making a nice 'Cuppa'

You can't see them from here but the lower half of the beach was alive with tiny soldier crabs.

The daffodils are in flower and the view from the campsite.

Friday, July 11, 2014

A small bag!!

Just felt like making a small bag so here it is..

 And then I decided it needed some sort of decoration to make it a bit more colourful, hence the flowers and vines.
Now I can fill it with a washer and some nicely perfumed soap, maybe some hand cream or a hankie, and then it can be included in the monthly raffle we have at our orchid society meetings..  

I love making these small gifts, wrapping them in some cellophane paper and donating them to the society. Every little helps as they say..  :)

Visit with Oliver!!

Had my first visit with little Oliver my first great grandchild.. What a joy!! Such a beautiful  baby boy.. Could have brought him home quite easily but may have had a fight on my hands Lol..

 I decide to give him both the teddies after all, seemed the only way to go really.. Also gave him a small quilt I made so mum can put him on the floor, an owl hat I made in cotton ( I thought I'd made it too small but it was even a bit big) and some little suits for when he is a bit bigger. Sizes 3 to 6 months so it will be a while before they fit him. also a little plush owl that I bought. 

Had lots of cuddles too of course Lol.. Can't wait for the next time we visit, hope it's not too long, don't want to miss seeing him grow..

Great nanny and Oliver James

Our gorgeous baby boy wearing his owl hat and lying on the quilt I made.

Oliver's gifts from great nanny.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Yay!! It's Finally Happened!!

My first great grandchild was born at 1.04 am this morning.. Our dear little Oliver James arrived weighing in at 6lbs 10 ozs. Mother and son both doing well.. 
Such a little cutie.. Love you heaps already little man..  :)

Now I just have to decide which of the following crocheted teddies he is going to get..
Finished this one a couple of days ago.
Finished this one last night.
Here they are together. He might even get them both. Unfortunately I can't go near either of them at present with sore throats and colds in the house. Just have to wait (impatiently) I guess..

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oh so Lucky!!

I am 'Oh So Lucky' in my friends.. Just look what my friend Jenny shared with me.. Some lovely cotton yarn and some pretty green velour yarn plus a ball of lemon acrylic yarn.

Made a scarf out of one ball of velour and donated it for the monthly raffle at the Devonport Orchid Society meeting which we attended last Sunday afternoon.. Had a great time.. Soup and sandwich lunch and lot's of chat with some nice people..
Also made a yellow scarf for next months raffle..
 The yellow scarf was crocheted using the Coiled Iris stitch and the green is crocheted using the 'Y' stitch. both quite easy to make..
Now I just have to wind the skein of bone cotton yarn into manageable balls so I can make some nice dishcloths for future raffles. Not sure what else I can use it for.. Any suggestions?? Too nice to waste..

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Pretty Scarf!

Just finished this scarf in 8 ply acrylic yarn in a beautiful lilac colour.. Unfortunately it looks blue on the photo. I used a stitch from my Mon Tricot book called  'Coiled Iris'. A pretty pattern and very easy to crochet. Also made some more washers and dishcloths.

Strange how the colour has turned out in this photo as it is almost the same shade as the orchid flower.

More Washers.

This is a small washer made using the 'Links' stitch.

A close up of the 'Links' stitch.

4 more dishcloths. The top is in the' Links' pattern also from the Mon Tricot book.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Links!

Had a phone call from my friend Pat this morning asking me to try out a pattern in the Mon Tricot book called "The Links". Lovely pattern but not easy to read and follow. After some consideration and much discussion I think we have it worked out. This is my version and it will be interesting to compare it with Pat's sometime soon. I used a size 3.50 hook and an 8ply yarn but it works up quite lacy with a larger hook.
The ends are a bit difficult to work out as the pattern seems to be unfinished. However, it is a pretty pattern. I would be interested in any opinions about it.  Here is the pattern as it is written.

The Links.
Multiple of 3+1
Row1. 3 chain, *wrh, insert hook, wrh draw though a loop, miss 2 sets, wrh, insert hook wrh, draw through a loop , wrh, draw through 5 loops on hook. Ch 2. Repeat from *inserting hook in same stitch.
Row 2 and all following rows. Insert hook in stitch which drew together 5 loops on previous row. Finish row by inserting hook in second stitch of previous row.

I think I have done it correctly but as there aren't any pictures  of the end of the row I'm not sure. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, it would be really appreciated.

Friday, May 2, 2014

A Couple of Bargains and more Crochet!!

Visited the local charity shop yesterday and got a couple of great books very cheaply. One is an older book on crochet, which cost just 50 cents. 

The other is a really lovely book  that contains pictured as well as written instructions for knitting, crochet, needlepoint, embroidery, patchwork, quilting, applique and finishing your projects as well as explaining how to read patterns for the above..
And for only $4.00 on sale.. Just about everything you would need in one book.. Just couldn't believe my good luck. So fortunate to have found it.. Love finding a bargain..  :)

I have missed being able enough to do my craft work so much. Still can't use the sewing machine but I have been getting some crochet done. Here are a few of my little   completed projects and one I am still working on..
A small dishcloth and a scrubber. Works really well too without scratching anything.     
A washer and small soap sack.
A washer and a dishcloth in Christmas colours.
A double thickness potholder in progress crocheted in Sugar & Cream 8ply cotton. Works up quite thick.
             The link to the pattern can be found Here. :)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Been awhile!!

Been quite awhile since I last posted.. Haven't been able to do much craft work due to a shoulder injury but have decided to try and push through it and get back to my crochet which I have really missed. that being so, I am starting with some small projects and am making washers and wash cloths. These I have made over the last two days.

One washer and two dishcloths.
Love the colours

Monday, March 17, 2014

Beautiful Blooms

We visited a man that grows tuberous Begonias in Burnie today.. What a magnificent display.. I have never seen them grown in such glorious abundance before.. I did of course buy some to bring home because I was unable to resist.. I will have to go back some day to see just what this very clever man has hybridised. Here are a few of the photo's taken today.  I took so many I flattened the battery in my phone.. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lucky me!!

How lucky am I?? my friend has recently returned from a visit to Thailand and look what she brought back for me!!!
A package of goodies..

This beautiful flower brooch

Also a lovely orchid flower brooch

An orchid fridge magnet and Cattleya earings

 What a gorgeous gift to receive.. Thank you so much Jenny!!  I will treasure them

Friday, January 3, 2014

What A Joy!!

We took a drive down south of our lovely island a few weeks ago.. So exciting!! White lion cubs on show at ZooDoo! Just couldn't resist a visit and so pleased we made the effort. What a joy they turned out to be. Two little brothers just 10 weeks old.. I have to admit once I saw them I didn't want to leave and kept returning to where they were held for another peek. The keepers had put together  a very large play area just for them. They had recently been taken from their mother and given their injections (they were being sent overseas to other zoos for breeding programs)so the public couldn't handle them at all, we went one day too early.  They were quite happy to have cuddles from the keepers it seemed. Well enough chat. Here are some photo's taken on the day. Enjoy!!

Magnificent dad!!

Very laid back mum and dad!

So adorable!

 Such a shame they wouldn't let me bring them home lol..  :)