Crochet Bits and Pieces

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Now for some crochet!!

I am still getting a bit of crochet done. One twelve point ripple finished and an eight point ripple which is still in progress. Also made another tablet cover for my gd Danielle which is pretty cute, at least I think so lol. I have a baby rug to make as Danielle is now 3 months pregnant with my first great  grandchild.. Pretty stoked about it too.. Baby is due in June this year. No idea if it will be a boy or girl so I will probably go for all white or white and lemon. and I guess a very pale green would be nice too.

Danielle's tablet pouch

12 point ripple

8point ripple on the way


  1. Great to see you are able to crochet a little tina. Love the eight point star .congrats on becoming a great gran mother. Lots of exciting days ahead. Lots of crochet baby items . I am very thrilled 4 you . Hugs :-)

    1. Thanks Pat.. Yes very exciting indeed...Looking for patterns so if you have any ideas?? :)