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Friday, January 3, 2014

What A Joy!!

We took a drive down south of our lovely island a few weeks ago.. So exciting!! White lion cubs on show at ZooDoo! Just couldn't resist a visit and so pleased we made the effort. What a joy they turned out to be. Two little brothers just 10 weeks old.. I have to admit once I saw them I didn't want to leave and kept returning to where they were held for another peek. The keepers had put together  a very large play area just for them. They had recently been taken from their mother and given their injections (they were being sent overseas to other zoos for breeding programs)so the public couldn't handle them at all, we went one day too early.  They were quite happy to have cuddles from the keepers it seemed. Well enough chat. Here are some photo's taken on the day. Enjoy!!

Magnificent dad!!

Very laid back mum and dad!

So adorable!

 Such a shame they wouldn't let me bring them home lol..  :)


  1. How sweet they are :-) what a shame you couldn't have a cuddle. :-) maybe another day eh?

  2. Nice post!))
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