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Monday, March 17, 2014

Beautiful Blooms

We visited a man that grows tuberous Begonias in Burnie today.. What a magnificent display.. I have never seen them grown in such glorious abundance before.. I did of course buy some to bring home because I was unable to resist.. I will have to go back some day to see just what this very clever man has hybridised. Here are a few of the photo's taken today.  I took so many I flattened the battery in my phone.. Enjoy!!


  1. Hello Tina :)) Fabulous flowers ,, stunning colours..They would have to be in a hot house...How many did you buy ?? lol..

    1. Hi Pat, thanks for dropping by.. They all grow outside and I only bought three Lol.. I could have bought more but we didn't have enough room in the car, which was unfortunate but there is always another day... :)