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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Been awhile!!

Been quite awhile since I last posted.. Haven't been able to do much craft work due to a shoulder injury but have decided to try and push through it and get back to my crochet which I have really missed. that being so, I am starting with some small projects and am making washers and wash cloths. These I have made over the last two days.

One washer and two dishcloths.
Love the colours


  1. Hello Tina:-) lovely face washer and dish cloths:-) love the pattern and colours:-):-) is there a link you can share ? :-):-) So pleased you are crocheting again :-) I missed your posts :-):-)

    1. Thanks Pat, I enjoyed making them.. I have missed my crochet time..Unfortunately no link to the daisy wash cloth pattern and the washer pattern is on my free patterns page except for the edging.. :) Thanks for commenting.. :)