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Monday, June 2, 2014

A Pretty Scarf!

Just finished this scarf in 8 ply acrylic yarn in a beautiful lilac colour.. Unfortunately it looks blue on the photo. I used a stitch from my Mon Tricot book called  'Coiled Iris'. A pretty pattern and very easy to crochet. Also made some more washers and dishcloths.

Strange how the colour has turned out in this photo as it is almost the same shade as the orchid flower.

More Washers.

This is a small washer made using the 'Links' stitch.

A close up of the 'Links' stitch.

4 more dishcloths. The top is in the' Links' pattern also from the Mon Tricot book.


  1. You certainly have had that crochet hook flying :-):-) every item is gorgeous fabulous colours.. the scarf looks very pretty and I love the orchid..:-):-) differnt patterns in the washers..great to see you are experimenting with different stitches :-):-)

    1. Thanks for your comment Pat.. At least I can make the small items.. Hugs.. :)