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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oh so Lucky!!

I am 'Oh So Lucky' in my friends.. Just look what my friend Jenny shared with me.. Some lovely cotton yarn and some pretty green velour yarn plus a ball of lemon acrylic yarn.

Made a scarf out of one ball of velour and donated it for the monthly raffle at the Devonport Orchid Society meeting which we attended last Sunday afternoon.. Had a great time.. Soup and sandwich lunch and lot's of chat with some nice people..
Also made a yellow scarf for next months raffle..
 The yellow scarf was crocheted using the Coiled Iris stitch and the green is crocheted using the 'Y' stitch. both quite easy to make..
Now I just have to wind the skein of bone cotton yarn into manageable balls so I can make some nice dishcloths for future raffles. Not sure what else I can use it for.. Any suggestions?? Too nice to waste..


  1. A beautiful friend indeed :)) I have a few ideas for your cotton :))) but you will have to come and visit and see what I have been making lol.... Lovely gifts for the table :))

  2. Hi Christina! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) The scarves you've made are lovely, so delicate! You could make some potholders out of your cotton yarn too, they are fun and easy to make too xx

  3. Thanks for the suggestions ladies.. Potholders sound good thanks Elizabeth D.. And I most certainly will visit Patricia Lewis, curiosity will get me there Lol.. Hugs.. xx

  4. Love your pretty scarves - and what a nice idea to donate one as a raffle prize.