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Monday, August 25, 2014

Picnic at The Beach!!

Such a lovely day last Wednesday.. Just right for a picnic at the beach.. It has been a few years since we last visited our favorite camping spot so we took the day off and went for a drive.
We spent many happy times here.. So quiet and not many people around the area. There were times we wouldn't see anyone for days at a time.. So relaxing.. Sometimes wish we still had our caravan.. 
I did jokingly suggest we spend the night in the car but John told me we didn't bring enough teabags lol.. Good to see he has is priorities right..  :)

The view along the beach

A lovely big curving beach

Some attempt at regeneration here.

John making a nice 'Cuppa'

You can't see them from here but the lower half of the beach was alive with tiny soldier crabs.

The daffodils are in flower and the view from the campsite.


  1. What a peaceful looking spot. That cuppa looks good too John.

  2. What a great day out, wonderful priority I am right there with you John TEA!

  3. A glorious day out :)) Can't wait for summer, to take my crocheting down to the beach and relax...thanks for sharing your day out :)) hugs pat ..

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